Analisa Kemampuan Membayar Tarif Angkutan Umum


  • Mansuetus Gare Universitas Flores, Ende, Indonesia


The determination of public transportation rates in the North Ende District area is something that is dancing
to be studied. It should be noted that the population in Ende Subdistrict consists of students, students,
traders, civil servants, laborers, farmers. So there are still many variables that affect and involve various
parties. The research methodology by conducting interviews and questionnaires is spread across 7 zones.
The data collected includes the desire of passengers to get the cheapest fares and public transport operators.
For this reason, studies in determining the initial tariff and adjusting tariffs need to be carried out
measurable studies. In the study, it found that the operational cost of the vehicle (BOK) was Rp.385,695.
44.4% of transportation services are students with a rate of Rp.1,400 and 55.56% of general use at a rate of
Rp.2,800. The average freight fare is Rp.2,175. Meanwhile, the ability of transportation users to pay tariffs is
around Rp.1,400 to Rp.2,600. And the willingness to use public transportation to pay a tariff of Rp.1,000 to
Rp.2,600. An average of Rp.1888 means that 24.25% of user will is below average value and 75.75% will is
above average. The conclusion of the tariff determination in North Ende sub-district is still within the norm
limit where the student fare is IDR 1,400 and general passengers are IDR 2,800. It is not much different from
the ability and willingness to use public transport.


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BOK, ATP, WTP, Public Transport Rates.


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