Penataan Kawasan Wisata Pantai Batu Cincin Di Kabupaten Ende


  • Siti Mariam Universitas Flores, Ende, Indonesia
  • Silvester M. Siso Universitas Flores, Ende, Indonesia
  • Petrus Jhon Alfred D. D Universitas Flores, Ende, Indonesia


One of the beaches that has good natural potential and has been recognized by the Department of
Culture and Tourism of Ende Regency is Stone Ring Beach which is located in Ende Regency. Stone
Ring Beach is located in Raporendu Village, Nangapanda District, Ende Regency. The stone ring
beach itself is a cliff that is at sea level and there are holes like stone rings that are unique on the
beach. There is no road as vehicle access to enter Stone Ring beach because the area is still natural.
The research with the title "Arrangement of Stone Ring Beach Tourism Area in Ende Regency" has a
problem formulation of how to organize Stone Ring Beach with facilities or infrastructure in order to
support the activities of visitors. The purpose of this research is to plan and design the main facilities
and supporting facilities that can make Stone Ring Beach an attractive and superior tourist
In this study, qualitative and quantitative research methods were used, while the data sources
used were obtained from the results of direct observations and interviews with the community, village
officials, and visitors to Stone Ring Beach. The data obtained will then be analyzed, the analysis used
includes drafting site processing concepts, compiling zoning and utility concepts, compiling concepts
for relations, magnitude, and space requirements, compiling concepts for spatial planning and
circulation, drafting regional characteristics concepts, drafting structural and construction concepts.
The concept of formation that will be planned is to use the roof of the traditional house of Ende
district and the surrounding community by considering the concept of ecotourism in order to maintain
the culture around the area.Based on the data analysis that has been carried out, the results obtained
from the analysis of the design of the Stone Ring beach tourist area refer to the concept of Ecotourism
Architecture which is expected to develop the Stone Ring beach tourist area which has main facilities
and adequate supporting facilities and can attract tourists to come and visit. The application of the
Ecotourism Architecture theme is also expected to improve the community's economy and not damage
the surrounding environment.


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Region, Tourism, Beach, Ecotourism


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